Lee W. Schruben


Ph.D. Yale University, 1975

4131 Etcheverry Hall
E-mail: LeeSberkeley.edu

Personal Webpage:

  • Designs of Simulation Experiments
  • Optimization of Simulation System Response
  • Foundations of Simulation Modeling

Selected Publications
  • Chan, W.K. Victor, and Lee W. Schruben, (2008), Optimization Models of Discrete- Event System Dynamics, Operations Research
  • David C. Juran, and Lee W. Schruben, (2006), Using Worker Personality and Demographic Information to Improve System Performance Prediction, Journal of Operations Management
  • Nuno Gil, Iris D. Tommelein, Iris D., and Lee W. Schruben, (2006), External Change in Large Engineering Design Projects: The Role of the Client, IEEE Trans. on Engineering Management
  • Swisher, J. R., P. D. Hyden, S. H. Jacobson, and L. W. Schruben (2005), "A Survey Of Recent Advances In Discrete Input Parameter Discrete-Event Simulation Optimization", IIE Transactions
  • Savage, E. L., Schruben, L. W., and Yűcesan, E. (2005). On the Generality of Event- Graph Models. INFORMS J. on Computing 17
  • Juran, D. C., and L. W. Schruben "Using Worker Personality and Demographic Information to Improve System Performance Prediction", Journal of Operations Management
  • Schruben, L. W., and T. M. Roeder, "Fast Simulations of Large-Scale Highly-Congested Systems." Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International
  • Kimes, Sheryl E. and Lee W. Schruben, "Golf course revenue management: A study of tee time intervals" Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
  • Morrice, D. and L.W. Schruben, "A Frequency Domain Metamodeling Approach to Transient Sensitivity Analysis," IIE Transactions
  • Allore, H.G. and L.W. Schruben, "Disease Management Research Using Event Graphs," Computers and Biomedical Research
  • Savage, Eric L., Lee W. Schruben, Enver Yucesan, "On the Generality of Event Graph Models" INFORMS Journal on Computing

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